Career and Life Transitions

Much of my work involves helping clients to make career and vocational transitions while ensuring all the important aspects of their lives are considered. Sometimes the focus is on another specific aspect of life and can also involve working on how to manage better from an emotional/psychological perspective.

I work with people at all stages of their lives at points where transition is chosen – such as a chosen career change – or hard to avoid -such as redundancy or relocation is necessary.

Coaching support is available for a range of situations:

  • Students about to embark on their first career
  • Career progression and promotion
  • Change of career or role
  • Raising professional profile
  • Overcoming issues with line managers or team members
  • Exploring freelance or own business opportunities
  • Down-shifting to improve well-being or  address work-life balance issues
  • Planning an active and worthwhile retirement
  • Contributing and developing through roles within the local community
  • Retraining and upgrading qualifications
  • Overcoming emotional blocks/obstacles to progress or change

Vocational Transition

Vocational transition is closely akin to career transition but provides a slightly wider frame of reference when making choices about the future.  It presents the opportunity to add to, or change, the dimensions of how we see ourselves – within or outside our main ‘job of work’.  Gaining access to new vocational perspectives often facilitates the achievement of:

  • Learning
  • Personal development
  • Career progression
  • Positive change
  • Increased personal contribution
  • Fulfilment
  • Contentment
  • Improved well-being

In my experience, while reviewing career goals, clients often want to widen their vocational boundaries so that they are engaging in activities that are better aligned with their core values and  personal interests.  In so doing, they are usually able to achieve a greater level of satisfaction and happiness and reduce the level of frustration and tension in their lives.

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