COACHING OXFORD provides high quality, cost effective coaching for individual clients who need some friendly, professional support to achieve their goal(s) in work or other aspects of their life.

The aim is to help you:

  • clarify your goals
  • identify, research and assess all the options available to you
  • identify and overcome blocks or obstacles – both logistical and emotional
  • make informed, intentional choices about what you do and how and when you do it
  • build a realistic action plan
  • keep on track and stay positive when the ‘going gets tough’

Coaching: Benefits and Outcomes

Here are a few examples of what some recent clients have achieved:

  • Became more self-confident when presenting and contributing to meetings
  • Secured PhD funding
  • Increased confidence and assertiveness by tackling negative self-talk
  • Reached the next step on the career ladder
  • Re-located to follow a chosen career path
  • Increased self-belief in order to make a new career move
  • Gained a university place as a mature student
  • Addressed issues around work/life balance – more life, less work!
  • Moved from long term employment to a new career as a freelance consultant
  • Developed successful strategies to reduce work-related stress
  • Restored happiness by exiting from a toxic work environment

If you would like to arrange a chat to explore how Coaching Oxford can help you please call Louise on 0778 6925 969 or send a message using the contact form.